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How Is Leadership Maintained? A Longitudinal Mediation Model Linking Informal Leadership to Upward Voice Through Peer Advice Seeking A.C. Peng, J.M. Schaubroeck, D. Kim, 曾薇*(通讯作者) A2 Journal of Applied Psychology(FT 50, SSCI JCR Q1, Impact factor: 13.718)
Improving Carbon Emission Performance of Thermal Power Plants in China: An Environmental Benchmark Selection Approach Xiaohong Liu, Xiangyang Tao,YaoWenb,曾永良(通讯作者) B2 Computers & Industrial Engineering
Cooperative social network community partition: A data envelopment analysis approach Qingxian An, Ping Wang, 曾永良(通讯作者), Yi Dai B2 Computers & Industrial Engineering
Implementation of penalized survival models in churn prediction of vehicle insurance 陈艳, L. Zhang, Y.L. Zhao and B. Xu B1 Journal of Business Research
Oil price volatility forecasting: Threshold effect from stock market volatility 陈艳, G.X. Qiao and F.P. Zhang B1 Technological Forecasting & Social Change
Community detection for multilayer weighted networks 陈艳 and D.X. Mo A2 Information Sciences
A study of interconnections and contagion between Chinese financial institutions using a delta-CoVaR network 陈艳, D.X. Mo and Z.Z. Xu B1 Finance Research Letters
Could tariffs reduce overcapacity and enviromental pollution? Evidence from China's adjustment of tariffs on coal Hongjin Xiang, Yanxiang Kuang,贺红波(通讯作者),Shujie Yao B2 Economic Analysis and Policy
Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with multiple time windows: An application to earth observation satellite scheduling Jianjiang Wang, Guopeng Song, Zhe Liang, Erik Demeulemeester, 胡雪君(通讯作者), Jin Liu B1 Computers & Operations Research
A genetic algorithm for proactive project scheduling with resource transfer times Zhiqiang Ma, Weibo Zheng, Zhengwen He, Nengmin Wang, 胡雪君 B2 Computers & Industrial Engineering

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