Standardization alliance networks, standard-setting influence, and new product outcomes

Wen, Jinyan;Qualls, William J.;曾德明

Journal of Product Innovation Management

Determining the general discount rate for risky projects


Environmental and Resource Economics

How augmented reality affects advertising effectiveness: The mediating effects of curiosity and attention toward the ad

Shuai Yang, Jeff. R, Carlson,陈思行

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, vol. 54

Evaluation Model of Industrial Operation Quality Under Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Information


International Journal of Fuzzy Systems

Parameter optimization for nonlinear grey Bernoulli model on biomass energy consumption prediction

肖琴梓、单汨源、高明运、肖新平、Mark Goh

Applied Soft Computing

The impact of analyst coverage and stock price synchronicity: Evidence from brokerage mergers and closures

高开娟, Lin Wanfa, Yang Li, Chan Kam.C

Finance Research Letters

Expectation and SAA Models and Algorithms for Scheduling of Multiple Earth Observation Satellites Under the Impact of Clouds

Jianjiang Wang, Erik Demeulemeester, 胡雪君(通讯), Guohua Wu

IEEE Systems Journal

A Two-Stage Adjustment Strategy for Space Division Based Many-Objective Evolutionary Optimization

Wen Zhong, 胡雪君, Fa Lu, Jianjiang Wang, Xiaolu Liu, Yingwu Chen

IEEE Access

A refined selection method for project portfolio optimization considering project interactions

HechuanWei, Caiyun Niu, Boyuan Xia, Yajie Dou, 胡雪君

Expert Systems With Applications

Multivariable data imputation for the analysis of incomplete credit data


Expert Systems With Applications

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