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Rational counterattack: The impact of workplace bullying on unethical pro-organizational and pro-family behavior 姚柱*, Luo Jinlian, Fu Na, Zhang Xianchun, Wan Qunchao Journal of Business Ethics A2
The impact of work-related use of information and communication technologies after hours on time theft Xu Chenqian, 姚柱*, 熊正德* Journal of Business Ethics A2
Auditor-client Reciprocity: Evidence from Forecast-issuing Brokerage Houses and Forecasted Companies Sharing the Same Auditor Simon Yu Kit Fung, Like Jiang, Jeffrey Pittman*, Yu Wang, 张沙夫 Contemporary Accounting Research A2
Has Chinese Certified Emission Reduction trading
reduced rural poverty in China?
Yue-Jun Zhang, Jing-Yue Liu*, Richard T. Woodward3 Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics A2
Corporate environmental information disclosure and green innovation: The moderating effect of CEO visibility Jing-Yue Liu, Yue-Jun Zhang*, Charles H. Cho* Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management B1
Local Government Official Competition and Financial Analyst Forecasts Like Jiang, Lei Liu, Yetaotao Qiu*, Yu Wang, 张沙夫 European Financial Management B3
Institutional investors' corporate site visits and firm management earnings forecasts 高开娟, Manya Wang, and Renyun Zhang* Accounting & Finance B3
Linking transformational leadership and frugal innovation: the mediating role of tacit and explicit knowledge sharing 雷辉;Gui, LN (Gui, Linnan);Le, PB (Le, Phong Ba)* JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT B1
Enterprise digital transformation under process constraints: investigation of the combinative effects of different constraints 雷辉; Tang SY*; Zan A Business Process Management Journal B3
Enterprise digitalization, employee digital literacy and R&D cooperation: the moderating role of organizational inertia 雷辉; Tang SY*; Zhao YX; Chen S Chinese Management Studies B4

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